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"Educating, Inspiring and Empowering each patient to reach their Optimal Health and Fitness Potential."

The KiNESiS Team


Move Well. Live Well.

The KiNESiS objective is to relieve pain, facilitate a quick recovery, and teach you how to move correctly to prevent future injury.

We believe strongly in a individualized treatment model, as it allows us to personally monitor your progress. In general, patients do not need frequent, long-term, chiropractic care. If substantial results are not obtained within two to four weeks, we re-evaluate your symptoms and recommend the appropriate treatment options. We work closely with other physicians and health care providers to establish a well-rounded recovery program focused on enhancing your quality of life and returning you to the lifestyle you desire. Our treatments focus on eliminating scar tissue, restoring muscle and joint health, reestablishing idyllic posture and muscle balance, and promoting dietary awareness. Since pain limits activity and prolonged inactivity can delay recovery and increase the risk of chronic pain, we take a proactive approach by designing a treatment program that allows patients to maintain some physical activity and athletic participation during treatment. Call 562- 508-5109 for a complimentary phone consultation.