Carolina P., Stanton 9/12/22. “The staff runs the office on time”

Dr. Jack understood my injury, he took the time to listen, which sadly not too many Chiropractic doctors do nowadays. ¬†He is gentle but if you need a good adjustment he will advise you as to how pans what to expect if it’s the first time you get your neck and shoulders adjusted. The staff runs the office on time, please arrive 10 minutes early for parking and you don’t miss out on your treatment time. That’s the only recommendation I would give. Chronic pain is debilitating and Dr. Jack and his team have made my journey a lot easier than facing it alone or without proper Chiropractor care.

Rossi P., Seal Beach 8/19/22, “Everyone in the office is so nice and helpful”

I am so happy to find this office! Ive been coming here for the last few years for various aches and pains and Dr. Jack has helped every single time. He really listens and adjusts his treatment accordingly. Everyone in the office is so nice and helpful. I would highly recommend!

Rebecca P., Palm Springs 6/15/21. “location is very accommodating”

Both of the doctors here are wonderful. They use various approaches to get you to a place where you are comfortable and actively work on trying to improve the quality of life.
The staff is always kind and patient. The overall location is very accommodating and tried to get you in as soon as they can. Call backs are consistent.
Thank you!

Diana N., CA 3/29/21, “I felt an instant relief. A relief that made me cry.”

Where do I start, I came in after having extreme back pain for almost a year. I was very hesitant at coming as I previously seen 2 chiropractors and only came out feeling worse. Mind you I was in current care of one at the moment. I felt hopeless and thought this would be my life going forward.

I made an appointment and fast forward a week later I met Dr. Jack Hewitt. He went over all my pain and timeline. He assessed me and told me we would try different methods to see what works best for me. Now comes the adjustment he made for the day, OMG!!!!! He adjusted some ribs and I felt an instant relief. A relief that made me cry. I have been exhausted and emotional from the pain. I went home and cried some more cause I felt someone actually cared to help me. Every adjustment has helped me and I went from a pain level of 10 to 3 in a matter of 2 weeks.

Dr.Hewitt never tried to sell me a plan of adjustments. We went week by week to see what was in my best interest. I can’t thank him enough! I finally feel I’m getting my life back. If you feel hopeless and no one is there to help please give him a try. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Also, this place is very reasonable in price and has a comfortable feel. Thanks Dr. Jack, you’re the best!!

Sonia C., Lakewood 1/30/21 “He is very patient”

It was nice to find a new chiropractor. Dr is amazing. I go for my adjustments. He is very patient and will explain how to do proper stretches. He really helped me when I pulled my back and was in so much pain. Thanks Doc!!!!

Victoria E., Redondo Beach, 10/9/20. “I can’t wait to get to my appointment”

I’m so happy I found this office. For months I had a knot in a muscle that wouldn’t go away no matter how much stretching and rolling I did. I found out about the office through my gym and promptly made an appointment. With just once visit Katy was able to get the knot out. I had never had a chiropractic adjustment before and honestly was a little scared but Dr Jack made me feel comfortable with getting my neck adjusted. They understand the needs I have as a long distance runner and every month I can’t wait to get to my appointment. If you have any aches and pains I wouldn’t definitely recommend coming here.

Roxanne H. Cypress 7/28/20. “office runs on a great philosophy”

This place has been nothing but wonderful. The ambiance of the office is great. Full of positivity and comfortable environment. The second you walk in, the room feels light and airy which makes you feel like you can take a sigh of relief knowing you’re in the perfect place to solve any problem with care. The place is very very clean, smells fresh and not stuffy at all. There’s no clutter and the place is organized which I really love. The rooms are very well sized and it still gives off an open and calm-like environment which is great!! All staff I’ve interacted with are well knowledges and really care for their clients. I came in with severe neck pain and dr. Jack reassured me that we can work on this and start moving towards my health goal with enthusiasm and motivation. The office runs on a great philosophy and it makes me feel happy to know that I have the right people to work with me ūüôā

Rick S., Lakewood 6/5/20 “one of the best massages I have ever had”

I have been a to several chiropractors over the years but Kinesis Chiropractic stands out about the rest. With a friendly staff and great Chiropractors to boot. Dr Jack is awesome always makes you feel welcome and listens and is attentive to your needs explains what he is doing all along the way.

They also offer several other services like Massage, Acupuncture and cupping. They offer one of the best massages I have ever had. I cant say enough about Kinesis Chiropractic.

Jennifer J. Newport Beach 6/4/20. “takes his time to explain everything to you.”

Love this place! Dr. Jack and his entire staff are kind, patient and amazing. Helped my son with his sports injuries and our car accident. He has an entire staff of masseuses and acupuncturist and takes his time to explain everything to you.

Tracey S., Long Beach 1/2/20 “you get a personalized treatment”

Oh how I love this place! You’ll feel stellar when you stride out the door. This isn’t an assembly line crack ‘n whack; instead you get a personalized treatment that begins with heat and electrical stimulation, then soft tissue work, then the adjustment.
There’s no hard sell (no “you have to purchase a package”), and you’ll feel immediate relief.
In the past three decades I’ve seen a dozen chiropractors. Dr. Jack’s the best! He’s genuinely friendly, spends time with you, and provides pain relief.

Thank you, Kinesis!

Rodrigo R., Cerritos 9/28/19, “Wait time is extremely short.”

Dr. Jack and crew are so friendly!! Been going to Kinesis for a couple of months and am starting to feel better. Dr jack really cares about you and takes his time helping your body. I’ve never felt rushed. Wait time is extremely short.

Roxanne E., Huntington Beach 7/9/19 “I’ve never had such a thorough examination!”

Wow! They go over and above! I’ve never had such a thorough examination! They are super friendly and I learned alot about the source of my pain and ways to improve. I love that it is not a quick crack and go. The Dr made a good point saying that doing just an adjustment works temporarily but if you don’t loosen the muscles around then it’ll pull it back to where it was before getting adjusted. They do full body exam, e stem machine to loosen the muscle, heat, and then does deep tissue to help loosen the muscles and finally an adjustment! I’m excited to get my husband in to see them. I’m very optimistic about the recovery process! (I’m dealing with neck back pain with pinched ulnar nerve so excited to get relief!)

Lisa F. 4/5/19 Rossmoor 4/5/19 “They take care, and time, to work with us”

My family and I have been seeing Dr. Jack and Dr.Mallory for years. We originally went for my husband’s back. He needed pain management, and physical therapy, due to work and sports injuries. We were amazed at how well he felt, right from the beginning. Not long after, my son, and I started going as well. My son for sports recovery, and myself for planter fasciitis, and lower back pain. They take care, and time, to work with us, and cater to the needs we have, individually. If any of us have a problem, our first thought is, “call Dr. Jack, and Dr Mallory. They’ll fix us up.” We can not say enough good things about these two, and the fantastic work they do.

Mary S. 4/1/19 Cypress. “been a miracle worker for our ailments”

My husband and I have been going here for years. Dr. Jack Hewitt and his wife, Dr. Mallory, are very warm and caring people. Dr. Jack has been a miracle worker for our ailments. We have recommended him to friends and colleagues. They sing their praises too. We truly thank Dr. Jack and Mallory for helping us to live our lives pain free.

Jamie F. 3/25/19. Seal Beach “I feel like he really cares and listens”

So happy to have found them! I found Dr. Jack through a co-worker . I have chronic pain in my shoulders and neck from the work that I do . I was getting weekly massages and still in an intense amount of pain , so when my co-worker recommended seeing dr. Jack I thought I’d give it a try, and I’m so glad I did. I have been to a chiropractor one other time and he literally came in and did a quick 5 min adjustment, without asking me anything about what was going on with my body. Dr . Jack try’s different methods to see what your body responds to best, ( one size does not fit all ) and I’m grateful that he takes the time to do this , he also shows you stretches and things to do at home to help with your situation, I feel like he really cares and listens .
I have also gotten a great sports massage from JC, hands down most beneficial massage I’ve gotten. And I recently started seeing Emma as well to try acupuncture which I’m really excited about , she seems very knowledgeable and I know it will be a nice addition to what dr jack does , I am no longer scared of having to retire from doing hair way too soon , I know they’ll keep my body feeling good and working properly ūüôā thanks Kinesis !!!
.. also Lacey who runs the front desk is super sweet and helpful!

Dan D., Cypress 2/22/19¬†“noticed a difference in our quality of life”

We searched for a chiropractor near us when our other one retired. We found Dr. Jack and Dr. Mallory online and they were rated very high, so we tried them. From the first meeting, we’ve been treated exceptionally well and have noticed a difference in our quality of life since being treated by them! They both listen well and teach when asked.

They also have two great massage therapists with them. They too are quality people and fit in nicely with the entire staff. We’ve recommended our friends and neighbors to them and they all agree with us and are staying with Kinesis as are we!

Paul B., La Palma 9/5/18. “the most caring and professional people”

I have been seeing Dr. Mallory and Daniel the massage therapist for more than a year now. They are just the most caring and professional people to work with. They will have help you feel better. Every one in the office is very helpful! Highly Recommended!

Dan Q., Garden Grove 5/11/18 ¬†“My shoulders and surfing feel a lot better now”¬†

I had some kinks in my shoulders from surfing and went to dr jack to get an evaluation.  He started the first session with a full body eval the afterwards did follow up sessions.
My shoulders and surfing feel a lot better now, and he also gives stretches for working on the computer too much.
For the best results, I would get an Eval then go a couple times a week for 2 times a week to get everything adjusted.
You also need to make appointments in advance.

Elizabeth G., Long Beach 7/1/18 “I felt immediate relief”

I’ve been going to Dr. Mallory for the past 2 years. I wanted a Webster trained chiro to help me during my pregnancy. There aren’t many chiros trained in this speciality so most women don’t even know they exist. From experience, being treated with a Webster trained chiro while pregnant makes a big difference. I started seeing chiros 10 years ago and during that time I had 2 babies. Dr. Mallory was familiar with all my pregnancy related issues and always had a plan of action to help me manage my pain. But what really made the difference Dr. Mall’s awesome bedside manner. The entire office is also very caring and professional. I’ve used all their services, chiro, massage, and acupuncture. The massage therapists perform more of a mixture of physical therapy and sports massage therapy. After just one massage visit I felt immediate relief from a knee issue. Their location is easy to find, parking is great (& free), and their hours always work with my busy schedule.

Wynette B., Cypress 5/19/18 “never have to wait”¬†

I couldn’t be more impressed with the care I received at Kinesis Chiropractic. I walked through their door about a month ago and I was in so much pain. Dr Jack took his time to listen to what was going on and then started my road back to a life without pain. I have returned to their office many times because my needs are ongoing but each time I am given the very best of care and I am hopeful I will be completely pain free. I also never have to wait which I appreciate so very much and not because the office isn’t busy. Thank you Dr Jack and staff of Kinesis Chiropractic. I am so very thankful I made that first appt.

Melissa Z., Cypress 3/29/17 “Very professional office and peaceful atmosphere”¬†

Thank you Dr. Jack. I can’t believe I waited so long to find a chiropractor for my tmj and back pain. I just had my treatment and already feel very much needed relief. Very professional office and peaceful atmosphere. I will be back very soon!

Sid P., Norwalk 1/5/18 “very professional”

I’ve been going here for about 3 weeks now it’s been going very well. Dr. Jack and the staff have been very professional. Dr. Jack takes his time to explain everything and was careful with my back since I have a prior back surgery. Thanks for the great service!

Sonia W., Cypress 1/5/18 “They really know their stuff and then some”

I’ve been seeing chiropractors for 10 years. I needed a new chiropractor close to home and one that takes insurance. Thanks to Yelp and the reviewers I have found a wonderful place. Both doctors are super nice and down to earth. They really know their stuff and then some. When I came back for my second appointment I thought I’d get in and out as usual from previous chiropractors. So not the case. These two are always reassessing and determining how to make things better function with your body; there are techniques they use that I’ve never had done on me but it really works! I’m glad to have found this place! I’ve already recommended to co-workers and friends. One more thing I like about this place is they wipe the tables down after each patient. I could have done a happy dance to see that! I really appreciate places that take the time to clean up after each patient! I’ve been to places that don’t do this consistently and I’ve stopped going. Overall very happy with Kinesis!

Michael M., Rosamond 9/8/17 ¬†“They aren’t conventional in their practice”

I came to kinesis chiropractic due to some back pain I have been experiencing. I have always been sceptical of chiropractic firms due to the temporary fixes many of them employ only for the patient to continually return with the same symptoms. ¬†I gave kinesis a shot based on the reviews noticed from yelp and was very satisfied with my experience. They aren’t conventional in their practice and focus a lot on musculoskeletal deficiencies as an underlying cause of joint and body pain. They performed some myofascial release therapy as well as electrical muscle stimulation before doing the chiropractic adjustments and the combination together was very effective in relieving the pain I was experiencing. I highly recommend kinesis chiropractic! Jack and Mallory will take great care of you!

Aldo O., Cypress 5/26/16 “quality of life has greatly improved!”

Dr jack has helped me tremendously with back pain. Through adjustments and teaching me how to stretch and perform exercises at home my quality of life has greatly improved! I wish I would have started going in sooner.

J.C., Long Beach 5/23/16 “great facility with a wonderful staff”

Kinesis Chiropractic is a great facility with a wonderful staff from front to back. I was eager to go here because of their in house resources including cold laser therapy and massage therapy. Dr. Jack always spends a lot of time with me and is very patient in explaining what he’s doing. Danielle the massage therapist is as equally amazing and has been very helpful with my recovery. I have also seen their acupuncturist MJ who has a lot of interesting insights as to how the body functions. Extra shout out to Lacey at the front desk. She has a great personality and is always sweet about juggling my appointments around. Thanks Kinesis!

Andrew D., Lomita, CA 4/19/16 “I won’t go anywhere else”

Had the worst back pain I ever felt before after work one day and made an appointment here with the recommendation of a friend to see Dr. Jack. They where able to see me that same day. Very polite staff and Dr. Jack was very cool and knowledgable. After a few visits and learning new stretches my lower back feels way better. I know there’s a few chiropractors offices in the area but I won’t go anywhere else.

Nancy C., Stanton 4/12/16

After 2 weeks of pain, between runs and yoga, I couldn’t take it anymore! ¬†The pain in my L knee was lingering, troublesome, made me feel old in the morning!
Took to Yelp and found the reviews for Kinesis Chiropractic to be what I needed… I called Lacey, asking to be squeezed in PLEASE, I’ll take whatever time but needed to see a chiro today! ¬†Initially in the AM, she didn’t have any availability for me, scheduled me for next day… Told her I needed to see a doc today, so if I can’t see the doc, I’ll call someone else. A couple of hours later, she called and was able to squeeze me in at 630pm, yay!!!
I came early, did the initial paperwork, and waited as Dr. Jack finished with his current patient.  The office was quiet as it was end of the day, Lacey kept me chatting as we waited.  She was great!
Dr. Jack did my new patient evaluation, he was thorough, did assessments to determine root cause of my pain.  He found the pain spot right away!  We started in treatment, ERT(?) to give me small pulsating electrical treatment in my knee, warm heat packs to my back and knee, I was truly relaxed for a good 10-15 mins!
After that, Dr. Jack did adjustments, I was tight and stiff throughout, believe it or not, I felt initially better as he worked on me!!!  I was put on a plan to see him 2x a week, and on weekends where I have a run, he will wrap my knee with kinesiology tapes to help support it for my runs.
I am hopeful Dr. Jack will get me better!  He already has with the first visit!  Yelp reviews helped me found this great place!

Dean S., Buena Park¬† 3/28/16 “4 sessions pain was completely gone”

I usually don’t leave Yelp reviews but these guys deserve it. About a year ago I hurt my back doing back squats in the gym. I had gone to another chiropractor and got some relief but there was always a lingering pain. Eventually the pain was getting worse and worse again. It was to the point where I could barely walk. I have 6 kids so being immobile is not an option.

I stumbled upon Kinesis via Yelp and made an appointment. ¬†What surprised me from the beginning was that they didn’t just do the typical x-ray and then adjust you. The doctor took the time to test my movements to see exactly what the root of my pain was. Turns out because I rarely stretch and was totally inflexible my hips were not using muscles they should have been using. After about 4 sessions the pain was completely gone. My specific insurance doesn’t even cover my visits but the fact that I am totally pain free is more than worth it.

Joseph C., Fullerton 3/6/16¬† “I’m pain-free now”

Since my accident last fall, I was experiencing a lot of neck pain and headaches. After speaking with friends, they recommended Kineses Chiropractic. Needless to say, I was feeling so much better after just the first adjustment. Each time I’ve walked out of his office feeling freer than before and I’m pain-free now. Dr. Jack knows exactly what he’s doing and hands down the best chiropractor I have ever been treated by.

Rachel P., Cypress 3/4/16 “He is fixing my posture as well as my injury!”

So I hurt my back snowboarding and then dead lifting most likely because of my snowboarding accident (cool huh). Anyways, my trainer referred me to Dr. Jack and I am so grateful because it has been nothing but a positive thing for me. He is fixing my posture as well as my injury! All my friends say that chiropractors are pointless and none of them help but Dr. Jack knows exactly what he’s doing, plus he has a great playlist playing during the visits that put me in a good mood. I would recommend Dr. Jack to anyone that is in need of a chiropractor.

Pam C., Commerce, CA 2/22/16 “Awesome, kind and professional Staff”

I was in pain and has not been sleeping well. My neck and shoulder blades ached all the time. I called Kinesis office and was informed they are booked for the day. I asked to be out on the wait list and called again. She put me on hold and came back on to let me know if I may come at 7pm. The office closes at this time I believe, So I was very grateful for this wonderful person who went above and beyond to help out. I know she could have just said “no we are fully booked for the day” but took the time out to ask the Doctor if he could take just one more person. I went to my appointment time and met Dr Jack who made a complete evaluation and analysis of my concern, informed and educated me of what he is going to do to fix it. After which I went into a room where I was hooked onto a machine, followed by a manual adjustment that gave me immediate relief. This is all happening when this doctor could have been home to be with his family and yet had the concern to help me out. I felt a difference after that one visit. I have never written a Yelp review for anyone, but I had to for this one. Awesome, kind and professional Staff and Dr. Thank you Kinesis! And special thank you to Lacey-you are so appreciated!

Jerry F., Dallas, TX 1/12/16 “WOW!!!¬† Kinesis Chiro ROCKS!!!”

I was recommended by my brother to go see Dr. Jack and Mallory Hewitt bc of the issue(s) I was experiencing w/ my back.

They squeezed me onto their books bc we were from out of state, and I shared w/ Dr. Jack my back pain issues and IMMEDIATELY he knew that I had a “jacked up” rib and so he proceeded w/ treating me for the symptom(s).

After my treatment, Dr. Jack showed me some stretching exercises to help me.


Kinesis Chiro ROCKS!!!

Thank you SOOOOOOOOOO much for making my back better!

I recommend your services to ANYONE, esp. anyone who is skeptical about Chiropractic Care.

Kat. S, Anaheim 1/3/16 “Absolutely LOVE this guy.”

Hands down best chiro around!!!! ¬†Absolutely LOVE this guy. I have been with Dr. Jack since 2012. He traveled with me to the Crossfit regionals and was my on site therapist and has corrected every injury I have ever experienced with all my extreme training. Because of my rigorous training regiment & heavy loads I was constantly throwing my body out of line. I also suffered a few hip & lower back issues from dislocating my hip in high school and throwing my back out in a bad car wreck. I had seen other doctors to try and help my issue but they all gave me the same treatment. Basic stem unit for 30 mins and the doc would come in and just adjust my back and be like, “okay your done. See you next week”. ¬† That routine did not work for me. ¬† The first time I saw Dr. Jack he sat down with me and we discussed my issues and what I needed to do to correct them in the office and outside of the office. He also spent time with me and mobilization, a.r.t., proper stretching techniques and adjusted my spine.
A few reasons that I honestly LOVE about Dr. Jack and his staff is that #1 they educate you on what is really going on, #2 He is there to fix you and not take your money. You will pay for a service BUT he is not going to con you into paying for additional ridiculous visits. He is open and honest with you from the get go. #3 He is an extremely active and fitness loving guy himself. Dr. Jack Crossfit’s at Los Al Crossfit and this to me is a HUGE plus for all his clients. For his athletes he will have a better understanding about your training regiments and correct & incorrect form. Also, for all the general population he is able to actually physically handle his patients correctly. I cannot even begin to tell you how many doctors I have met or seen out of shape and they cannot physically handle their clients like they need to and it is a shame.
In the end this is the guy to see! Look no further and don’t waste your precious time or money anywhere else. There’s a reason I send all my athlete’s and training clients to him!!!!!!

Annette K., Los Alamitos¬† 11/9/15¬† “an amazing Chiropractic clinic”

Kinesis is an amazing Chiropractic clinic. ¬†Dr. Jack is awesome…he spends all the time with you that is necessary to get to the crux of the problem. ¬†I’ve had a tweaked hip for going on a year now, and while at first it didn’t seem like much was healing in the first couple of weeks, we’ve turned a corner and I’m getting mobility back, lessened pain and feeling stronger.

I love the massage therapist, Danielle too!  Just had my first massage with her today, right before my adjustment and wow, everything just practically fell into place.  I would highly recommend giving them a try.

Daniel K., Irvine¬† 8/20/15¬† “really fun being there”

So I hurt my back… Again… And I even had to call in sick for work because I tweaked it pretty good. Did a bunch of stretching and adjusting myself at home but it wasn’t doing the trick so I looked up chiropractors on yelp and found this wonderful God-send! I called them up and they were able to see me the same day, even though they were only open for a half day. Oh, and they were able to see my wife too!

Dr. Hewitt is a wealth of knowledge and he explained in detail, and very kindly, how jacked up my back is from years of abuse. He’s also a crossfiter so he knew all about my mobility issues *a little shout out to my CF Virtue family ūüôā

Everyone there made me feel comfortable and at ease so it was actually really fun being there.

Oh and the icing on the cake: Dr. Hewitt stayed there after regular closing time to teach me some things to help my posture and treat my back pain.

Brian W., Los Alamitos¬† 8/21/15¬†¬† “Kinesis rocks!”

Kinesis rocks. I was going to a regular PT for 4 months to help treat a shoulder and back injury but only experienced minimal results. After 4 sessions at Kinesis and doing all the at home exercises Dr. Jack prescribed, I’m already feeling much better and, most importantly, I feel confident and empowered to self treat my injury after my time at Kinesis ends. Dr. Jack does not set you up to stay at Kinesis forever. He truly wants to get you feeling better asap and out of his office! ¬†Check out Kinesis. You won’t be disappointed!

Manny G., March Air Reserve Base¬†¬† “miracle worker”!!

Two words “miracle worker”!! ¬†Dr. Jack and his staff are extremely friendly and knowledgeable. They go the extra mile. They even were able to fit me in same day.

Angel B., Los Alamitos¬† 6/22/15 ¬† “I no longer have any pain”

I went to my doctor for ankle pain and he advised me to just take pain meds and rest. I went to Dr. Jack for a second opinion and not only did he help me with my ankle, but also pointed out the effects that it had on the rest of my body. With just a few sessions with Dr. Jack I no longer have any pain and my back and posture feels better. I highly recommend Kinesis Chiropractic and Physical Medicine.

Taylor E., Seal Beach¬† 4/21/15¬†¬† “back feels stronger and stronger!!!”

I just recently injured my back muscle and was in so much pain before I got referred to see Dr. Jack. I went and saw another chiropractor before Dr. Jack and wasn’t getting the results I needed along with no answers as to why my back wasn’t healing properly. My friend then told me about her chiropractor Dr. Jack and how I should see him about my injury. He was so willing to get me in there as soon as possible to figure out the problem. Once I was there I had all my answers answered and even after one visit I could already feel my back getting better. Dr. Jack is knowledgable, helpful and nice! I see him about once a week now to maintain therapy on my back and every week my back feels stronger and stronger!!! Dr. Jack is a must see and I would suggest everyone go to him and find out for yourself!!

Candace E., Los Angeles¬† 12/2/14 ¬† “Worth every star and more!”

For 3-4 weeks I was waking up with neck pain, to the point I couldn’t even move my head!

Black Friday, I woke up at¬†7 am¬†and couldn’t take it anymore, I called every Chiropractor around, at¬†8:30 am¬†Dr. Jack picked up (THEY WEREN’T EVEN OPEN AT THE TIME) and managed to fit me in, even with them only being open for a half day on the busiest shopping day of the year!

When I came in, Dr. Jack evaluated me. Took some pictures of my posture, which generated an email with those pictures and my exact posture measurements!  I had no idea how bad my posture was!!!

He then hooked me up to a machine that pretty much gave me deep tissue massage plus a warming pad! After that marvelous creation helped me, Dr. Jack then adjusted me.. WOW! Incredible! I have been adjusted once before by another doctor, but there is something different about Dr. Jack. He just knows his stuff!

I was sore that night (which is to be expected) but by the weekend, I WAS  A WHOLE NEW PERSON!!!!!!!!!

I came back that Monday for a therapeutic massage, which was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Right afterwards, Dr. Jack adjusted me again! I am scheduled for another visit next week, and I can’t express enough how much better I am feeling.

I am so blessed and happy that my insurance covers all these visits with a low co-payment. I am even more blessed to have found Dr. Jack who is not doing this just for the money.¬† He is in it for his patients! He owns the business with his wife, and it is run with A LOT OF CARE… and LOVE! You won’t find this kind of care and pride anywhere else!

Worth every star and more!

Jacob S., Los Alamitos 2/26/15¬†¬† “absolutely amazing!”

Kinesis Chiropractic is absolutely amazing! As I rower there is a lot of stress placed on my upper and lower back which had gotten worse over the years. After my first appointment I could immediately feel the results not only when I was working out but in everything I did! I would recommend this place to anyone I know, it’s a great place with a great staff and ever better work!

Jacob B., Fountain Valley 3/14/15¬† “one of the best”

I started seeing Dr Jack last year and I would have to say he is one of the best clinicians out there. ¬†Myself with a medical background am very picky about who treats me, and it’s awesome having a doctor who is also both athlete and surfer who can relate too with nagging injuries. I have would and recommended anyone who’s looking for amazing doctor. So if your in the process of looking and need a good chiropractor look Dr Jack Hewitt, he won’t disappoint.

Jade B., Temecula 3/12/15¬†¬†¬† “clean and professional”

This place is awesome, they’re very friendly and always have great attitude. The office itself is clean and professional and on top of all of that their prices can’t be beaten for what you are offered in a session. Highly recommend a visit if your looking at where to go for your next appointment!

Michael T. Cerritos 3/9/15¬†¬† “This place is awesome!”

This place is awesome!  Being a very active athlete/firefighter, my body has been beat and broke down.  I was in need of a place that offered chiropractic care as well as place that offered sports massage.  Kinesis Chiropractic is the place.

After my first visit, I was impressed of how professional and thorough Dr. Jack was and how well he and his staff identified other bothersome areas that I didn’t even mention.

This is definitely the best chiropractic area around in my opinion.  If you want quality service along with a fun and caring staff, look no further.

Josh S., Anaheim 3/1/15¬†¬† “very thorough”

Have been going here since February and they are the nicest people you will ever meet. Dr. Jack is very thorough and always willing to help out his patience in anyway possible. When in Rugby Season he was willing to tape me up so I can perform to my full potential. I have recommend my co-workers and fellow rugby teammates to come check kinesis out and they all did and loved the experience. My girlfriend and myself have a new reason on looking forward to Friday and that is for our appointment at Kinesis Chiropractic & Physical Medicine!

Francesca C., Glendora 12/12/14¬†¬† “best decision I’ve ever made”

Coming to Dr. Jack was the best decision I’ve ever made. I have always had terrible back pain, and shoulder pain which recently became worse. When I went in he not only did a general evaluation, but explained exactly what the problem was, what could be done to fix it, and most importantly how to prevent it. After coming in, I feel like a brand new person and feel normal. He’s the best, and wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Ray P., Lakewood 11/7/14¬†¬† “speaks the language of Crossfit”

So I was in need of a chiropractor. But I wasn’t looking for just any chiropractor. I was looking for someone who takes pride in their business and honestly cares about getting you better. I shopped around for a few chiropractors and was finally recommended to Kinesis by a friend. I saw Dr. Jack. The man is super cool and knows his stuff. He knows what he’s talking about and as a bonus, he speaks the language of Crossfit.
To me, that was a major plus. Because most chiropractors I visited would say the same thing, “stop working out like that!” But Dr. Jack is an active CrossFitter, which make my life a whole lot easier because he understands how to work with me and not telling me to, “stop everything”
Needless to say, I’m very happy with the treatment I’m getting from Kinesis. I highly recommend this place to anyone in search of a knowledgable Chiropractor and a friendly place.

Ray O., Anaheim 10/29/14¬†¬†¬† “pretty much the man”

Dr. Jack is pretty much the man, and Evelyn is the creme de la creme of massages. Dr Jack knows all about proper movement patterns and provides insights into what parts of the body can be given much needed attention. It does help too that Dr Jack himself is quite the crossfitter, side note Shankle and Dr X is the best duo ever assembled. Evelyn, there’s nothing more to say then WOW she’s awesome and she works out every single knot of soreness from any type of workout that we all seem to develop. Slight manly moans are your preference!

Liz A., Norwalk 10/21/14¬†¬†¬† “I am so glad I came in to see him”

I was referred to Dr. Jack by a friend and I am so glad I came in to see him. This is my first time getting treated by a Chiropractor.

I am a long distance cyclist and over the weekend I rode 150 miles. ¬†I’ve been following his orders and I am feeling better each time.
My left knee was giving me a problem the week of my ride so he taped me up with Rock Tape, not only did I look cool with it but it really helped keep my knee pain free during this long ride. ¬†ūüôā

I like that he is an athlete himself, so he understands the love there is in being an athlete, but the pain that comes with it.

Dr. Jack is very nice and welcoming and Kylie (sorry if I spelled your name wrong) is also very sweet.

Thank you Kinesis Chiropractic.

Scott M., Lakewood 10/14/14¬†¬†¬† “I’ve never felt better.”

Awesome place. Dr Jack is a master at movement. I’ve never felt better. Highly recommended.

David W., Los Alamitos 10/8/14¬†¬† “great doctor and staff”

Really great doctor and staff. ¬†I recommend an hour massage followed by the adjustment. ¬† It’s like a guilty pleasure that’s pretty easy to rationalize.

Rich G., Huntington Beach 8/22/14¬†¬†¬† “best in the biz”

Dr Jack and staff are the absolute best in the biz. From adjustments to mobility, Dr Jack sets his patience up to perform at their very best. Whether a top athlete or weekend warrior, you need to see him. Dr Jack is the real deal Holyfield. He has helped me so much with my mobility. So if you want to perform at your very best, come see Dr Jack, you will not be sorry.

Nat G. Long Beach 8/20/14¬†¬†¬† “extremely professional”

This review is for Dr. Mallory.  I had never been to a chiropractor before and was not sure what to expect. But when a previous back injury acted up I decided it was time to do something about it instead of suffer through the pain.

I pulled my lat 8 months ago and let it heal on its own.  It started acting up a month ago and it was hindering my weight lifting performance.  Dr. Mallory performed a complete body evaluation on my first visit as well electro therapy treatment for my back. After three visits, my back has improved to the point where I can PR again. Not to mention, she aligned my hips and performed a posture evaluation which really made me aware of how I carry my body and how to improve it.  And my hips have not needed to be aligned since.

In a nutshell Dr. Mallory is extremely professional, knowledgable, caring and concerned about her patients well being.  For me what is important is the fact that I do crossfit and so does she.  To have a Dr. that understands the movements your body goes through on a personal level is unique.  I highly recommend Kinesis Chirooractic!

Erin R., Los Alamitos 8/19/14¬†¬† “outstanding service”

I found Dr. Jack because he happens to be located close to my home, but have continued to come back because of the outstanding service! Dr. Jack & Dr. Mal are a dynamic team who carefully listen and spend a great amount of time witch each of their patents. I appreciate their vast knowledge of chiropractic, and their office is very clean and has great ambiance. The docs are extremely efficient, and ensure that you get the most out of your visit every time! I will never seek another chiropractor, thanks Doctors!

Jaden B.,Lakewood CA 8/18/14¬† “a new and rare breed of doctors”

I found Dr Jack when I was experiencing some recurring extreme lower back pain. My massage therapist had been recommending for a while that I see a chiropractor because my body was, in her words, “Twisted.” He did his analysis and noticed this and started treating me for it. Since I have been seeing Dr Jack I have not experienced the severity of lower back pain. In fact, it has nearly been eliminated. I have also taken his pointers and noticed my posture improving and the tightness in my upper back has diminished too. Whether you can come weekly or monthly, Dr Jack will not only treat you, but he will teach you how to prevent recurrence through stretching and exercise. He is part of a new and rare breed of doctors who actually want you to live well and prosper! My hat’s off to Dr Jack and Kinesis chiropractic!

Adam L., Los Alamitos 8/13/2014¬†¬† “I feel like a new person”

Been going here for a while and have turned on this AMAZING place to so many friends.  Not only extremely knowledgeable but also very professional from the receptionist across the board. Every time I leave DR. Jack I feel like a new person.  The guy knows his stuff and is extremely kind to anyone who sets foot in the doors.  Do yourself as favor and go here to get any chiropractic needs.

Dana H., Cypress 8/12/14¬† “Always a great experience.”

Outstanding service, friendly people, and a great team of specialist. Always a great experience.

Mindee M., La Mirada 8/11/2014¬†¬† “warm and welcoming”

I came to Dr Jack by referral because he is familiar with my lifestyle. He is very comfortable treating athletes and dancers and it really helped me out! The office is very warm and welcoming! This place will be familiar to my regular schedule! Thank you Dr. Jack!

Sean F., East Quogue NY,¬† 8/8/2014¬†¬†“improvement in movement”

I came to doctor Jack by referral for some chronic pain in my groin/ adductor and after the first visit I saw considerable improvement in movement. Using stem/ heat treatment, cold laser therapy and readjusting my pelvis, doctor Jack has me squatting normally again and without the pain.  I highly recommend Jack and the rest of the Kinesis crew; plus, he crossfits so he knows whats up.

Morton L., Trabuco Canyon 8/8/2014¬† “keeping good posture”

I didn’t come in with any serious injuries, but Dr. Jack has significantly improved how I plan to take care of my own body. Now, I’m much more aware of keeping good posture in the office, and I do start to notice my back and neck stiffen up when I slouch. He’s also a very strong crossfitter who knows what you’re going through and what your goals are – he’s pointed out weaknesses I didn’t know I had, and given me great ways to strengthen them!

Liz T.,¬† Los Alamitos¬† 8/7/2014¬†¬†¬† “This office goes above and beyond”

I have 2 daughters that are playing volleyball at a highly competitive level.  Both of them have had various types of minor injuries so I began looking for a chiropractor that had an athletic background.  During my search, i was surprised at how many of them did not have any type of experience or specialty of working directly with athletes,   When I found Dr. Jack and Mallory I was happy that the office was easy to get to and parking was no problem.  Upon our first visit I was beyond pleased that Dr. Jack and Dr. Mallory are both active athletes and completely understood the source of my daughters muscle pain based on the sport that they play.    Knowing that my girls play volleyball, Dr. Jack pinpointed the exact muscular areas that are stressed and typically injured when playing volleyball.    He went through very specific volleyball arm and shoulder movements with my daughters and has been helping them to stay injury free and has taught them how to maintain their treatment at home.   The office is clean and you will always be greeted with a cheerful person at the front desk.  This office goes above and beyond for their patents and I will soon be taking my 2 boys for preventative care as well.

Cecilia G.,¬† Huntington Beach, 8/5/2014¬†¬† “my weekly savior”

Dr. Jack has become my weekly savior. After working out all week I look forward to him addressing and pain or injuries. I almost always feel broken walking in and whole again leaving. Being overweight ¬†I’m always uncomfortable and worried about being judged. With Dr. Jack he always makes me feel comfortable. He doesn’t judge me and encourages me to keep doing what I’m doing to lose weight. He has helped my back pain. He’s been able to get rid of my shoulder pain and now with a knee and foot injury I look forward to the day he gets those better. If you are looking for a good chiropractor this is the place to go. Especially is you are looking for someone that understands sports or weight lifting injuries!

John S., Cypress 8/3/2014¬†¬† “very personable, friendly and knowledgable”

Dr. Mallory and Dr. Jack are very personable, friendly and knowledgable. They have made my first experience of working with a chiropractor very positive, helping me with improving my body alignment due to sitting all day at work.
They also continue to work with me and my lower back – keeping it healthy when I punish it playing golf!

Jason F., Seal Beach 8/1/2014¬† “help active people stay active”

I came in because of weakness in my lower back and scar tissue in my shoulder was giving me a lot of trouble.  I love surfing and  doing crossfit and I need my back and shoulder to do both.  With the therapies, treatment, and adjustments I am able to move a lot more freely. The cost of healing is well worth the rewards of recovery from my old injuries.
I’d swear by Dr. Jack, ¬†he knows how help active people stay active.

Michelle W., Long Beach¬† 7/28/2014¬†“now on to new adventures!”

I started going to kinesis a couple of months back while I was training for the Camp Pendelton Mud run.  This was my fourth and I knew what to expect.  Fun while doing and lots of pain after.  Dr. Jack helped me though the training. And to my suprise the recovery was much easier than the past few years.  So, thanks to Dr. Jack for all the preventive work and advice so I can run another day.  And now on to new adventures!

Shirley D., Norwalk 7/27/2014¬† “care about me as a human being”

I have been to chiropractors before, and they have done the job… but Dr. Jack & Dr. Mallory do more than “just the job”; they both seem to actually care about me as a human being – which nowadays can’t be taken for granted. I have seen Dr. Jack for the past several weeks with a pesky shoulder thing that I would just as soon ignore (but can’t), and he has been as professional with his skill and chiropractic expertise as he has been patient with my frustration at not getting better *immediately.* I always want to know the “why” and Dr. Jack answers my questions seriously – he never brushes them off or responds condescendingly as some medical people tend to do. Just this morning I referred a girlfriend of mine to go see him for some recent 10K injuries, absolutely 100% positive of his ability to make her better. As I told my friend, Dr. Jack is pretty much the only one on my go-to chiropractors list. Thanks to all the wonderful folks at Kinesis Chiropractic!

Stephanie F., Westminster 4/12/2014¬† “staff is friendly”

This place is wonderful. ¬†The staff is friendly and accommodating and Dr. Jack definitely knows his stuff. ¬†Since I’ve started going to him he has helped relieve my carpal tunnel pain along with my back and knee issues. ¬†The massage therapist, Evelyn, has to be mentioned too. ¬†She is professional, funny, and gives a great massage. ¬†If you need chiropractic care, Dr. Jack is a must go to!

Nrs N, Cypress, 4/7/2014¬† “environment is friendly”

I usually see Dr. Feinberg and she is really helpful with giving advice on how to improve my injury.  The office environment is friendly and there is a warmth feeling to it.  I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family.

Rae F., Long Beach, 2/13/2014¬† “really listen to how I’m feeling”

I go to both Dr. Jack and Evelyn (massage therapist). They both really listen to how I’m feeling that day and my input, and make sure to thoroughly treat causes and after effects of whatever injury is afflicting me. Dr. Jack is particularly good with crossfit athletes, and understands what’s going on with your body doing the various strenuous movements so that’s definitely a big help as well. Evelyn is great at finding all the best spots and trigger points, and really breaking up scar tissue without mortally wounding me like some other “trigger point” specialists! Highly recommend.

Jennifer M., Long Beach, 2/7/2014¬† “learn how feel better every day!”

Dr. Jack is really great! I started doing crossfit in September of 2012, and with any activity while I started to see great physical results that I enjoyed seeing, as I started to do better during my workouts and push myself harder I would get sore and need help with my mobility. Dr. Jack is very active himself, does crossfit among other physical activities so when I would meet with him with an ache and a pain I felt like he would ask the right questions to help isolate where my pain was possibly coming from and then help me to start to feel better. Meeting with Dr. Jack is more than just getting an adjustment, it’s more than just fixing a problem… he helps me learn how to prevent further physical problems from happening. I’ve always had poor posture and in a job where I sit at a desk all day long I get frequent tension headaches. Posture is my #1 problem that I need to work on, so right from the start Dr. Jack helped identify things that I could do to prevent these physical problems from getting worse. Check him out, and learn how feel better every day!

Mario E., Long Beach, 1/2/2014¬† “start feeling better right away”

I have been going to Kinesis for almost a year and they cater to whatever your sport injury may be. I have had shoulder problems and they have given me exercises to do at home and they have helped with every appointment I have attended and now I am shoulder pain free.  Any injuries you may have, Dr. Jack will help work through what may be the cause so that you can start feeling better right away.  Give them a chance and I assure you that you will go back for future visits.  Thank you Kinesis!

Erik T., Aliso Viejo, 12/30/2013¬† “this is the place to go”

If you are a crossfitter and are in need of some pain relief, this is the place to go. Dr. Jack is a crossfitter himself and understands that as crossfitters, we have different needs. My last chiropractor told me to stop squatting and we all know that that wasn’t going to happen! Dr. Jack truly cares about his patients and gets visibly happy when you tell him that you can finally squat/deadlift without any pain. I also highly recommend his massage therapist as well. She listens to you and is great at getting out all the knots and what not.

Corina G., Los Alamitos, 12/3/2013¬† “I have never felt so good”

I absolutely love Dr. Jack and Evelyn. They make you feel comfortable and make you feel like they care by working on your concerning areas. Everytime I walk out of their office I am ready to go home and have a goooood night sleep. Ever since I started coming here I have never felt so good.

Kenneth M., Cerritos, 12/6/2013¬† “understands athletes”

Great place to get adjusted. ¬†He’s very knowledgeable at what he does and he also understands what athletes go through since he does crossfit himself. ¬†If you do jiujitsu or crossfit this is the place to go.

Any M., Anaheim, 12/5/2013¬†¬† “finally get a good night’s rest”

I came to Dr. Jack Hewitt after having constant lower back pain (likely from bad posture and a very mild scoliosis). The pain was affecting my ability to walk, run, and was even keeping me up at night. After the first couple of visits, the pain in my lower back was dramatically reduced. Most importantly, I can finally get a good night’s rest. You can’t put a price on sleep!

Appointments with Dr. Hewitt have always been pleasant and professional. I highly recommend Dr. Hewitt!

Chaz L., Lakewood, 12/3/2013¬†¬† “by far the absolute best”

I have been to my share of chiropractors and Dr. Jack is by far the absolute best I have been to. He is very helpful and does amazing work. He knows exactly what he is doing. He is very thorough and explains everything that he is going to work on with you to get you better. I will not be moving chiropractors from here on out.

Diana R., Signal Hill, 12/3/2013¬† “highly recommend Dr Jack”

If you are in need of  a Chiropractor , I highly recommend Dr Jack.  I am very active in weight training and because he is knowledgeable he is able to help me with my past back problems as well as recent ones that occur and he helps me to understand what i need to do to help correct the issues.  I also recommend Evelyn if you need a good massage therapist.

Taran H., Long Beach, 11/29/2013¬†¬† “new spring in my step!”

This husband and wife team have a great attitude towards their patients and make me feel I am in good hands from the moment I arrive. ¬†I have had one or two problems with an old shoulder injury, an arthritic knee and, more recently, a stiff neck, all of which Dr Jack has treated very methodically with positive results. He also gives me useful advice about the types of exercise I should be doing at the gym. ¬†I definitely don’t feel my age as I leave after each consultation with a new spring in my step!

Susan N., Cypress, 11/27/2103¬†¬† “has the healing touch!”

Dr. Mallory has the healing touch! ¬†She has helped me relieve pain in my lower back and my feet, as well as assisted me in recovering from an injured shoulder and knee. ¬†It’s amazing to me that when I describe my pains to her, she can so readily locate the exact spots which need treating. ¬†Also, I really appreciate that she takes time to explain to me and help me understand what’s going on with my body,and that she offers suggestions for follow-up exercises to support the healing. ¬†I love that her approach to health is so respectful and natural.

Ashley L., Corona, 11/24/2013¬†¬† “I feel fantastic”

Before Dr. Jack I had never been adjusted or actually visited a chiropractor. Now that I’ve gone to a couple visits I love it. Every time I leave, I feel fantastic. You can really see that Dr. Jack truly cares. He even gives you strength exercises to do at home. Would highly recommend to all.

Cliff N., Seal Beach, 11/22/2013¬†¬† “never been better!”

Hi All !

I came to Dr. Jack about 10 visits ago after my back locked up on me one morning. It was so locked up that I was afraid to even stand up in fear of falling to the ground. Since seeing Dr. Jack about 2 months ago. He has single-handedly helped my physical AND emotional well-being. In that my back. neck & muscles has never been better! I stand taller. Feel stronger & have zero pain and he educates me for lasting effects. He took some pics on his iPad and sent them to my e-mail for review when I first came in his office to show my posture. I look now to what those pics were before and WOW! what a difference!

I STRONGLY recommend Dr. Jack Hewitt for your back, neck and muscle woes!!!

He is definitely here to help!

Thank You Dr. Jack!!!

Andres B., Los Alamitos, 11/22/2013¬† “understands all types of injuries”

Dr. Jack is the man. ¬†He’s very professional and always willing to help. ¬†He is understands all types of injuries. ¬†He’s helped me through some tough times with my shoulder and hips. ¬†I highly recommend Dr. Jack.

David R., Los Alamitos¬† 11/21/2013¬† “the best experience I have ever had”

Hands down the best experience I have ever had. ¬†As a gym owner I wouldn’t recommend my clients to go anywhere else. ¬†He has been my go to for the past year. ¬†Dr. Jack is so knowledgable when it comes to functional movement and getting you pain free. ¬†Dr. Jack is an avid exerciser so you know you are working with someone who doesn’t just sit in an office all day and preaches, he is a mover and do’er and those are the best kind of doctors to see. ¬†Also his massage therapist Evelyn is THE best in the biz. ¬†She has been getting rid of my sore muscles every week. ¬†I don’t know what I would do without the Kinesis and I don’t know why you are wasting your time elsewhere. Book your eval and go see them now!

Kathy S., Los Alamitos 11/20/2103¬† “referred several of my family members”

Dr. Jack and Dr. Mallory are awesome!!  I have been seeing Dr. Mallory for about 3 years now.  They have been at this location for approx. 1 year or so.  I just love how much they care about their patients and how much better I feel after a treatment.  Dr. Mallory was my very first Chiropractor, and I have referred several of my family members to their practice.  I am very happy with the results I have received from their treatments.

Ganesh K., Irvine 11/20/2013¬† “completely comfortable”

Dr Jack is great. My wife and I have been coming to him regularly for little over a year. He has supported us from the little soreness and pains in our back and legs to adjusting us after a minor car accident. I feel completely comfortable in his hands. He is fantastic, knowledgeable and friendly. But more than that he is extremely flexible and always finds a way to fit us in when needed.

Molly E., Long Beach¬†¬† 11/20/2013¬† “appointments before every competition”

Dr. Jack is the best chiropractor around. After I started CrossFit, I began having some minor issues with my back (mainly due to my lack of mobilizing and stretching). I started seeing another local chiropractor, and while very nice, the only thing he would do was adjust me and send me on my way. Every time I came in complaining of something being sore from CrossFit, his recommendation was to “slow down with the CrossFit stuff”.

After hearing nothing but positive stuff about Dr. Jack, I decided to go and have an eval done by him. He is so thorough and spent over an hour working with me during my first appointment. I knew that I would be coming back to him time and time again.

I go back every few weeks now just for preventative maintenance. When things are feeling sore, he listens to what exactly hurts and when. As a fellow CrossFitter, he understands the muscles, joints, etc. being used in certain movements (and he has never told me to “slow down with the CrossFit”). I make appointments before every competition now, just so I know that I will be going into my comps in tip top shape with as much mobility as possible.

Not only is he very knowledgable as a chiropractor, but he is a joy to be around. He is very friendly and easy to talk to, and makes sure you are comfortable with all of the adjustments/massages/etc.

Very highly recommended ūüôā

Rafael L., Newport Beach¬† 11/19/2013¬† “goes the extra mile”

Dr Jack goes the extra mile. He is extremely knowledgeable in what he does. He listens to what you are going through and applies the proper techniques to help alleviate the issue(s). Dr Jack has helped me in the past with old injuries and I’m sure he will keep me healthy and in physical shape to do my work.
One last thing, Dr Jack definitely takes time to work with me and I never feel like I’m just a number and am rushed out of the office.

Kristen K., Los Alamitos¬† 11/15/2013¬† “Wonderful staff”

Dr. Jack is very knowledgable and extremely friendly. As someone that suffers from sciatica I need regular adjustments and massage therapy. Once I discovered Dr. Jack and Evelyn I was amazed at how quickly my pain went away. My daughter is also a patient here and receives the best care to help with her flexibility for dance.  i love how Dr. Jack takes the time to show her new stretches she can do at home. Wonderful staff. I highly recommend them to you as I do with my friends and family.

JR L., Los Alamitos¬† 11/15/2013¬† “does Crossfit, and he gets it”

Dr Jack is the man if you do CrossFit like I do, then you need to go see him.¬† It’s great because he also does Crossfit, and he gets it. If you are near this location you need to go see him and his team they are amazing people and always have a smile on there face makes you feel at home. Thanks Dr. Jack and team!!!

Joe M., Irvine¬† 11/12/2013¬† “very thorough and methodical”

Dr Jack is very thorough and methodical with his approach to treating my ailments. Not only does he work on getting me back to moving better but also works on prevention by addressing the root cause and potential downstream impacts. As a fellow crossfitter, Dr Jack understands the positions as well as the stresses certain movements place on the body and helps me address those positions through mobility techniques. I have recommended Dr Jack to several people and will continue to in the future. Thanks Dr Jack for all your help!

Edgar B., Anaheim¬† 11/8/2013¬† “preventing any future injurys”

Dr. Jack is very friendly and knowledgeable. He has helped me with new and past injurys . I have been to different chiropractors and he by far has been the most helpful in not just fixing but preventing any future injurys

Thanks jack !!

Manisha D., Long Beach¬† 11/7/2013¬† “seeing the light at the end of the tunnel”

Dr Jack has been actively helping me resolve pain issues I have been experiencing for over 6 years.  I had been everywhere and done everything except see Dr. Jack.

For the first time I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

These are the reasons I think he is successful with me and many other patients:
1.  He listens to what you think may be the problem.
2.  He actively responds and tries different forms of treatment.
3.   He respects what you have to say about your condition
4.  He is experienced and learned in many forms of treatment and is extremely knowledgeable as to how the body works.
5. ¬†He has Evelyn – by far the best massage therapist I have ever had – and I have been seeing massage therapists for over 20 years. ¬†She should get her own Yelp review, she’s that good.
6.  He goes the extra mile.
7.  He cares

He now sees my children as well – and they LOVE him! ¬†Well, actually my little one really likes Dr. Mallory (but shhhh, don’t tell Dr. Jack!).

Dr. Jack, and the entire crew are genuine and dedicated to their patients.

Angela S., Long Beach¬† 11/13/2013¬† “move better and feel great!”

When beginning to see Dr Jack I had just finished up from 4mths of Physical Therapy for neck, shoulder and wrist issues. I have been seeing Dr Jack for over a year now and continue to move better and feel great! I see Dr Jack twice a month just to keep me feeling right.
I am very happy I was referred and have become one of his patients. He is a very knowledgeable and dedicated to his work. He always has his patients best interest in mind and always willing to give advice on how to help keep you feeling good in between your visits.
Thank You Dr. Jack

Jackie B., Long Beach ¬† 11/8/2013¬† “understands all the movements”

Dr. Jack is the best!! I’ve come to him with a couple different injuries, new and old, and I always leave the office feeling so much better than I did when I walked in. And he doesn’t just fix the problem, he gives me tons of tips to help prevent future injuries. In addition.. if you do Crossfit, Dr. Jack is where it’s at!! He does it too so he understands all the movements we do and makes informed decisions on how to treat and avoid injury.

And don’t even get me started on their massage therapist, Evelyn… she is AMAZING!!

I definitely recommend Kinesis to anyone looking for chiropractic treatment or general wellness.

Russ M, Cerritos 11/11/2013¬† “very professional in their approach”

Dr Jack and his crew at Kinesis do a fantastic job at assessing, evaluating and providing solutions to any shortcomings in your mobility and physical discomforts. ¬†They are knowledgeable, personable and very professional in their approach to their clients. ¬†I sought help after completing PT for shoulder surgery and feel like my recovery accelerated after treatments from Dr Jack and sessions with massage therapist Evelyn. ¬†If you’re a crossfitter, or just want to move well, pain free, go see Dr Jack! ¬†Now.

By the way, he’s a badass crossfitter himself..

Candice J., Long Beach¬† 11/3/2013¬† “best massage ever”

Dr. Jack is amazing. ¬†I have been to two different chiropractors and he is the only one who really listened to what was wrong and understood how to correctly cure me. ¬†It’s also a plus that he does Crossfit with me, so he understands all the movements I do, and what needs to be done to prevent any injury. ¬†Also, Evelyn is amazing, best massage ever. ¬†In addition to being great at what they do they are great people. ¬†I highly recommend checking them out.

Raedean R., Downey, 11/7/2013¬†¬† “top notch!”

Dr Jack Hewitt is top notch! He knows his stuff. I started coming to see him for sciatica pain and neck pain. Through stretching exercises, adjustments and following his advice I am happy to say my sciatica pain is gone. My neck issues are much improved. Thanks to Dr Jack I am back on the soccer field pain free. I highly recommend his services.

Andrew G., Lakewood 11/8/2013 “Dr. Jack really addresses your issues”

Dr. Jack is great! I have been to several chiropractors over the years. Dr. Jack is by far the best. Most chiropractors seem like they want to see as many patients as possible in a day so they adjust you and your on your way in 5-10 minutes. You spend more time in the waiting room then with the doctor. It is the opposite at kinesis. Dr. Jack really addresses your issues and gets you back to your best. The staff is friendly and Evelyn gives great massages. And not to mention if you do crossfit Dr. Jack should be your chiropractor. As an avid crossfiter himself he understands the movements, the injuries, and how to prevent further injuries. I can’t recommend kinesis enough!

Marlene G., Long Beach¬† 11/7/2013 “what a great team”

I am so thrilled to have found Dr. Mallory and Dr. Jack Рwhat a great team.   I look for businesses that I can refer our members to from our business, and I have from the beginning confidently referred my own members to these two competent and caring chiropractors, and will continue to do so.  Personally they have treated my health and wellness as I would expect from a true professional and I can honestly say I am getting better and better.  The same goes for my family.  I am very grateful for them both.

Jorge P., Long Beach ¬† 7/18/13.¬†“my body can move better “

Dr. Jack is amazing. Every time i come out of his office, I feel like my body can move better and my posture has improved. I would recommend him to anybody that needs preventive care and/or has had previous injuries.

Sonia T., Norwalk¬†¬† 7/14/13 ¬†“she has done an amazing job”

I love my chiropractor Dr. Mallory Feinberg. She is so friendly & gives great advice. she’s been helping my neck issue and my husband’s back problem. ¬†He used to go so frequent but now only goes every other month because she has done an amazing job. I would recommend her or her husband Dr. Jack Hewitt.

Jessica V., Pasadena¬†¬† 6/27/13. “she really listened to me”

After finding myself in sudden agonizing pain one night, I managed to hobble over to Dr. Mallory Feinberg the very next day and she helped me so much! Turns out I had a bulging disc and she was able to help me to immediately ease my pain and also gave me great advice so I could make sure it didn’t come back (which it didn’t!!) She was friendly, knowledgeable, and I felt like she really listened to me and didn’t rush me through or try to give me a cookie-cutter treatment. Highly recommend!

Deanne D., Cypress¬†¬† 6/17/13 “If I could give her 10 stars, I would”

I met Dr. Feinberg when she came to Curves to introduce herself, give a 15 body scan and assess our aches and pains.  I am not the only one who became her patient and many Curves members will attest to what I am about to tell you.  Dr. Feinberg is not only a wonderful chiropractor but a caring lady.  Her actions and advice have gone over and above what most practioners will do for a patient.  I have undergone 2 back surgeries in the last year and a half.  Whenever I had a question or a test result to be reviewed or required a referral, all I had to do was ask.  How many doctors will come and visit you at the hospital and bring flowers Рthat is just one example of how far she will go for her patients.  If I could give her 10 stars, I would.  She is the best and I highly recommend you give her a visit and find out for yourself what a gem she is.

Isaac S., Long Beach    6/18/13

This is a one great chiropractic practice. Dr. Jack ¬†put me back together quickly. I go back regularly to adjust because for a long time I’ve been ¬†dealing with back, ankle and foot pain and the impact Dr. Jack has had is amazing. He’s minimized the pain and restored. I can’t recommend Kinesis Chiropractic ¬†enough. Dr. Jack has put together a great team who really seem to care about my well being and getting me back in my best game(day to day grind). I highly recommend visiting ¬†Kinesis Chiropractic ¬† and listen to what great information Dr. Jack offers to you and your body.

Paul A., Long Beach   6/12/13

I have been going to Kinesis Chiropractic for about 3 months. ¬†Dr. Jack is AMAZING! I met Dr. Jack through a health fair at my place of employment. ¬†I was having major lower back and hip pain. ¬†Dr. Jack did a thorough exam and popped my back into place. ¬†He gave me stretching exercises, that has helped keep me aligned in between visits. ¬†Dr. Jack & Dr. Mallory really care about their clients. ¬†You are not just a number. ¬†It’s not just a quick 10 min adjustment, then out the door. ¬†They listen to you and your concerns so they can better help you. ¬†I can even go there to get taped up before I run a race. ¬†This place is AWESOME! ¬†I highly recommend Kinesis to everyone!

Steven K., Long Beach  6/10/13

I have to give a big thumbs up to Dr. Jack.  In just two weeks I have had a great improvement in my back pain.  Following all the recommendations of stretching and exercise my pain is gone.  As an athlete he really understands the importance of stretching and the effects on posture.  I really appreciated the personalized care and I would highly recommend him to everyone.

Jessica V., Long Beach   6/7/13

I’ve been coming to Dr. Hewitt for about a month now. He knows what he is doing and definitely knows his stuff. I’ve had severe neck, shoulder and knee pain and with weekly adjustments I’ve felt so much better. And whats even better is that he goes the extra mile to fit you in when its convenient for you, he’s very flexible! And did I forget to mention that there is very little waiting? Every time I have gone in the most I’ve waited to be seen is a couple of minutes. Do yourself a favor and come to Dr. Hewitt!!

Deriree V., Long Beach 6/4/13

Dr. Jack is a very knowledgeable about Chiropractic.  His muscle tests,  postural screening, and toxicity tests are just a few of the perks that I experienced upon visiting his office.  He has a refreshing perspective on how to care for the body and stay healthy.  He is highly recommended.

Giovanna S., Long Beach  6/4/13

Dr Jack Hewitt is extremely passionate and in touch with how the human body functions. Not only does he do adjustments, he conducts a postural exam and recommends supplements for nutrition. He is dedicated to his craft. I would highly recommend his services.

Lori P., Newport Coast (2012) “I feel AMAZING, strong & agile!!”

I am a fitness trainer and participate in many outdoor sports and activities. It is imperative that my body be in balance in order to accomplish the skills and training I do on a regular basis.
When I was in my early 20’s I was involved in a couple of car accidents in which I broke the windshield with my face (before seat belt laws). Because of this, I have experienced a lot of headaches and neck pain that I had just learned to deal with. However, about a year and a half ago, when I started to experience pain in my left shoulder and arm accompanied by sever weakness, I had to do something about it.
¬†I started out at my doctor’s office, was told I had a torn rotator cuff and was sent to physical therapy for 6 weeks, including electrotherapy, ultrasound, ice, heat and massage. None of it did any good. I decided to just try to deal with it and hope it would heal on its own with rest, stretching and strength exercises. It didn’t. I figured it was part of aging but after a year of constant, aching pain and weakness I couldn’t take it any more and went back to my doctor. This time he sent me to an Orthopedic surgeon. An MRI was ordered on my shoulder. This showed a slight tear in the labrum, a little bit of tendonitis and slight bursitis, none of which would have caused the severe pain and weakness. So, then an MRI of my neck was taken. This showed that a bulging disc in my neck was creating pressure on the nerves leading to my shoulder and arm. He gave me some neck exercises to do and suggested physical therapy again.I decided to see Dr. Hewitt instead and I am so glad I did!!! I gave him a copy of my MRI and he began to work his “magic”. I am not exaggerating one bit when I say in only 2 weeks time, I was COMPLETELY PAIN FREE!! No neck aches, No headaches, No shoulder or arm pain, NOTHING!! I felt unbelievably great!
It was almost too good to be true so I waited for the pain to return thinking it was a fluke (sorry Dr. Hewitt) but it wasn’t. My shoulder and arm began immediately gaining strength and catching up to the right side. A couple of months later, I am now back in perfect balance and enjoying all of my sports and activities like a 20yr old!! I feel AMAZING, strong & agile!! Chiropractic Care is the BEST!!!My only regret?….
That I didn’t see Dr. Hewitt from the beginning, instead of suffering needlessly for over a year!!!

Suzy W., Laguna Beach (2011)

I have had such great results since starting with Dr. Jack.¬†¬†My pain level has gone down and I am SO flexible.¬†¬†My range of motion has improved in my neck.¬†¬†I can move around like a ‚ÄúBobble Head‚ÄĚ.¬†¬†The staff is fantastic!!!

Carol S., Santa Ana (2010)

Dr. Jack and his team provide an integrative approach to health.  They combine therapies to produce the best possible results.  My back has not felt this free from pain in years.  Chiropractic, Manual Therapy, and Stretching are used to correct years of sports-related pain and stiffness.
Well worth the investment!

Billy M., Costa Mesa (2010)

Dr. Jack,
Thank you!¬† I must say, after 14 years you found the problem.¬† Can you believe at one time years ago they wanted to do back surgery?¬† Now we are specific in treatment, know what and where we are going.¬† I am feeling SO good, I am almost scared to admit aloud.¬† With the combination of manual therapy I expect 100% recovery… Yeah!!

 Sandy S., Irvine CA (2009)

 I started training with Dr. Jack last year because I wanted to stay in shape after running the LA Marathon with more of an overall fitness approach. Since I had prior knee and back injuries from playing sports over the years, I wanted to make sure I was training with someone who really understands the body and how to work around (and strengthen) these weak points while helping me reach an optimal level of fitness.  Dr. Jack was extremely patient, motivating and full of great information and exercises on how to train properly to avoid injuries.  He was also extremely committed to providing helpful and useful information on all areas of wellness, fitness and nutrition.  This coupled with his enthusiasm and passion for providing a wide variety of top-level training/fitness programs to his clients make Dr. Jack a huge hit in my book!     

Bill R., Costa Mesa (2009)

Dr. Jack and his crew are the best. When I first started going to Dr Jack I was leery based on my previous experiences with Chiropractors. He and his team developed and implemented a plan that has helped me feel better than I have in years. They are prompt and professional. I always look forward to my visits. Keep up the great work Doc!

Maria S., Huntington Beach (2009)

My Name is Maria.  I have been under Chiropractic care for about 2 years 2003-2005 and for a back injury for about 6 months now after an accident in October 2008.  I am 54 yrs old and suffer from osteoarthritis, which makes my injuries very painful.  I have to say that the help and relief from the care that I received from Dr. Jack and his team has been wonderful, their professionalism, and high level of care has helped me very much.  When my back goes out, I can’t even move to get out of bed, it’s excruciating, and has affected my life in general.  In my last accident a car rear-ended me and it is now very difficult to turn my head when needed, especially driving, which has limited me to go anywhere.  I am a dancer that no longer dances, but for the first time after 6 years I see the light at the end of the tunnel.  So with chiropractic care that I receive with Dr. Jack, I know that I am on my way to feeling myself again, and a life without pain.  He taught me various stretches and exercises to help me maintain my results and stabilize my core.  Dr. Jack used Kinesiotape on my knee, and I am almost walking normally again without pain. Life is very short to be living with constant pain, but with care, things can be enjoyed again.  Life is too important, don’t live with pain, come and visit Dr. Jack and the rest of his team today.  I have great faith in them and I now visit them whenever I am in a state of pain.Sincerely,