Are you ready for the Open?

You have been training all year, and it is now finally time to see where you rank in the world of Crossfit.  History shows that the “Crossfit Open” programming usually goes back to the basics when it comes to the movements.  You can pretty much guarantee that we will be seeing classic movements such as thrusters, toes to bar, and wall balls this year.  These are all movements that require full range of motion to be performed correctly.  So when it comes to prepping for the Open, it is also a good idea to make sure that your basic movement patterns are in check.  How’s your mobility?  Are your muscles actually firing in the correct sequence to create to most efficient movement and power?  Are there any muscular imbalances?

IMG_0806Most athletes are tapping in to just a fraction of their true performance potential.  I see this on a daily basis in my practice when athletes come in for their initial evaluation.  Some are hardly able to perform a basic overhead squat during their movement assessment, or during the muscle testing we discover that they may have a hip that is completely unstable.  Amazingly, some of these athletes have managed to reach an elite level in their sport.  This is exciting to me because I know that they are going to reach an even higher level of performance as we correct these imbalances.  In addition to chiropractic care, and massage therapy, we have a variety of complimentary treatment modalities to improve performance.

So, even though you have been working hard for those gainz and keeping a squeaky clean diet, there may still be one key missing element to reaching your optimum fitness potential.  That’s where we come in… MOVE WELL. LIVE WELL.