Is Your New Years Weight-Loss Resolution Attainable?

A new survey by YouGov Omnibus states that nearly 40 percent of the nations New Years resolutions this year will be to lose weight.   Only a few weeks into the New Year, and the same study reveals that over 22 percent of these weight-loss resolutions have already been broken.  

There are certain guidelines that one should follow when goal-setting.  Perhaps the most important rule is that your goal or resolution should be attainable.  If you set a goal for yourself that you are destined to fail, you are just going to get frustrated and discouraged.  

There is a hidden culprit to fat loss that seems to be plaguing the majority of our countries population.  In order for your body to efficiently shed fat, you need to be free of toxins.  Unfortunately, we live in one of the most toxic cities in the country, and there is no escaping the environmental toxins that we are eating, drinking and breathing each day.  Toxins like to hide in many different places in our body such as the liver, blood, and intestines; however, the most prominent area is body fat.

The human body has an incredible ability to maintain balance; however, the unprecedented high levels of toxins in our food and environment have exceeded the ability of our bodies to process and eliminate them all.  Various studies have proven that high levels of certain toxins disrupt the normal human weight control mechanisms, either by mimicking hormones involved in controlling weight (known as endocrine disruptors*) or interfering with the normal production and function of those hormones. Toxins that are trapped in our body alter the body’s ability to shed fat by blocking the hormone receptors that naturally maintain our fat-burning metabolism.  If you have ever lost weight, just to gain it right back again weeks later, it is probably due to the fact that you are highly toxic.  In fact as you rapidly lose weight, those toxins are just redistributed back into your blood and wreak havoc on your body in various forms of degenerative disease.  So, if you are going to work your butt off this year to turn that spare tire into a six-pack.  Make sure you start by cleansing your body of any toxins.  The first thing to do is to test to see if you are toxic.  In my clinic, we do a heavy metal detoxification assessment test to check your level of toxicity, as well as the types toxins that are present.  We can then determine if a detox is necessary. 

Recently, detoxification has become pretty popular with certain celebrities such as Beyonce, Megan Fox, Gweneth Paltrow and of course Dr. Oz and Oprah are right there with, their own special brand of cleanse.  Whichever detoxification program you decide to do, you want to make sure that the toxins that are being released are actually being transported out of your body and not reabsorbed.  It is also vital make the correct alterations to your diet and lifestyle to prevent these toxins from being reintroduced back into your system.

When our patients are free of toxins, they are able to consistently and safely lose weight, until they reach their optimal body weight.  We are not a weight loss clinic, we just free the body of any interference that may be preventing you from reaching your optimal level of health and wellness.  It just so happens that a nice side effect of heavy metal detoxification is weight loss.  So, with this in mind, is your new years weight-loss resolution attainable?  Or, should your resolution for the New Year actually be to rid your body of all its toxins and let the weight loss happen naturally?

For more information about this topic, contact us at 562-508-5109.  Dr. Jack Hewitt will be speaking at the No Limits Sports and Fitness Academy (3221 Industry Drive, Signal Hill, CA, 90755), on Jan. 25th, 2013, from 5:45-7:00pm to help kick off the Belong 2 Fitness 49-Day Transformation Challenge.  If you are interested in attending please RSVP to, as seating is limited.